C.V. Starr Biography Reissued as eBook and PDF

Posted on August 16, 2018

C. V. Starr, Founder

C. V. Starr, Founder

In 1969 Mr. Starr’s partners and friends began to compile a biography of Cornelius Vander Starr (1892-1968) by collecting stories from colleagues and friends, and from the many people whose lives he touched with his personal interest, kindness, and philanthropy.

On the 100th anniversary commemorating the establishment of the Starr Companies in China, and honoring the more than 60 years of philanthropy of The Starr Foundation, we are pleased to reissue Mr. Starr’s biography as both a celebration of an extraordinary life, and an enduring example of the extraordinary good that can come from one person’s vision and philanthropy.

Below are links to the PDF and eBook versions of the newly re-released biography.

Download as a PDF

Download as an eBook